Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I've always considered myself a relatively good parent.  I  mean, I'm not perfect (who is?!?), but I do the best that I can, and try my hardest to be as close to perfect as I can be.   I love being a mom, and love all that being a mom entails.  I even love the gross parts (you know, like getting peed on.  I've had 3 boys...I've been there, done that), because the gross parts oftentimes bring out an emotion or result that I didn't think could happen.  The grossest, messiest times (like the time all five of us had a horrible stomach flu and we spent the whole weekend hanging out in the bathroom together, as I begged my mom to drive 8 hours to join us and lend a helping hand) often become the best times.  I find myself looking back on them, not in despair, but in gratitude.  Did I enjoy being sick as a family at that moment?  Not at all.  But I can look back at it now with intense gratitude and appreciation for the friends who drove out of their way to leave chicken noodle soup, gatorade, and diapers on our back step.    Those memories inspire me to try to be a better friend or source of support for those around me now........good coming out of the bad.

I was a little leery about having to do all this parenting training that we're required to do for Peter's adoption.  Because we're working with two different agencies, we have 20 hours of videos and quizzes and online lessons to accomplish.  I was afraid they'd be "cheesy" or "boring."  To be totally honest...I thought I didn't "need" them.  After all, I've had three kids already.....three very different kids in three very different life circumstances.    I was pretty sure that I would be okay, even without doing this training, and besides, didn't they know how busy I was with all of this paperwork, and its additionally required doctor's appointments, vet appointments, and then just regular daily life?

Well, I'm about halfway in now - just finished my 10th hour and 5th quiz - and again, God is using these circumstances to teach me something new, or to broaden my viewpoint.  Yes, a lot of the videos were  "review" in the sense that I'd heard the parenting theories and suggested implementations before.....but there was a lot that I hadn't heard before as well.  I was an anthropology major in college - I could ace the sections on race and culture - but I have to admit that the science of brain development was totally new to me.  It was fascinating, and I actually found myself thoroughly interested in the computer programs, and contemplating my past parenting experience in light of this new information.  I can honestly say that I did, truly, learn a few new things. 

What is the point of this story, you may be asking?   The point is this: 

God will always find a way to encourage humility.  ;-)   We can never - and will never - know it all.  

I think know that this adoption experience will be a learning one for all of us ... probably with quite a steep learning curve.  I'm glad you're here to travel it with us!

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