Friday, August 22, 2014

A whirlwind of a week...

I mentioned in our last post that Mike had some vacation time last week - it wasn't a whole week of vacation, but two four-day weekends.   We didn't really have enough time to go do anything extravagant (and honestly, I don't think we'd want to, anyway - we're still adjusting to two new kiddos!), but summertime in Maine is an amazing time.   Every weekend, there are 2 or 3 different festivals or fairs or events going on that you can choose from.   There's a reason why it is known as "Vacationland."  ;)

Before I throw pictures of our adventures at you, I should give you a quick update of things here at home.   In a nutshell, they're great.  Busy busy busy.  But great.   Adding a toddler and a baby into the mix means that I'm pretty much on the go all day, every day, but it's a really good busy.   I'm really behind on emails and phone calls and blogging (sorry!), but I'll settle into a routine with those things soon enough.    Baby Girl is settling into a napping schedule, which will really help the way the household runs.   Theo, I've discovered, LOVES routine.   We do the same things in the same order every day, and he gets such a kick out of knowing exactly what is coming next and telling us that it needs to be done.  Little Man definitely likes being in charge!

Let's see, what other updates are there?   Theo has started mimicking my speech, so I think that as soon as we get can him into speech therapy, he's going to take off.  Last week, he pretty clearly told me "up" and "more" while signing the appropriate signs at the same time.   I was pretty happy to hear that!   Today, we had another big breakthrough when he finally used the correct ASL sign for "dog."  It doesn't sound like much, but he's not a fan of dogs and his main method of communicating with our dogs was to yell.   A lot.   Coming to me and signing "dog" was a huge step in communication!!

Alright, I need to get back to doing as many chores as possible while everyone is sleeping (ahh, the life of a mom.  Isn't it glamorous?? haha), so without any further is a Theo photo dump!

One of our stops over vacation - a hot air balloon festival.  The kids could go inside one of the balloons and play with beach balls.  Theo, our ball fanatic, LOVED it
One of the other festivals that we went to - the Maine Highland Games.   Theo seemed a bit confused, but had fun, just the same!
Another family fun night on vacation - tickets courtesy of the public library summer reading program and little boys who were VERY motivated to earn them by reading lots and lots this summer!

I caught the silly boy using the oven as a mirror and styling his hair with a comb while making dinner last night

I was putting stuff away in the bathroom cupboards while Rascal #1 took a bath.  Next thing I knew, Theo had climbed into the bathtub, fully clothed.  Little sneaky boy!  haha

Enjoying the sunshine with a little water painting

Monday, August 11, 2014

Theo meets the ocean....

...the Atlantic Ocean, that is.

Mike is on vacation for part of this week, so we decided to take a quick little trip to our favourite beach for a family picnic dinner tonight after the biggest rascals finished gymnastics practice.    It was a beautiful night - cool and sunny - and an amazing sunset.

I'd taken Theo to the beach twice before this, and he'd gradually warmed up to the idea of swimming in a lake or playing on the sand over the past two trips.   Tonight, however, he was ALLLLLLL over the idea of playing in the water or digging in the sand.   Little Man had a blast!  Here's the picture proof:

Finishing up his snack and surveying the scene

Venturing out to the water with his big brother

I'd LOVE to know what he's thinking at this moment.  Such a sweetie.

I gave Rascal #1 the camera and told him to have fun....this is what he came back with.  I love it!

Things are still going really well here - it feels like Theo has always been here!    It happened twice today where he echoed the English words I was speaking to him - I was shocked.   The words ("more" and "up") aren't sounds that I've heard him babble before.  He's signed the words to me in the past couple of weeks, but today was the first time he attempted to say the word along with the sign.   This little guy is brilliant, I'm telling you!

Love this little guy so much!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Our little boy....

.....loves to help his big brothers...

We started school this week, at the request of the rascals.  Here's Theo helping his big brother with his math worksheet

... loves to be goofy....

Big Brother (rascal #1) was making us peanut butter cookies, and Theo was positive that the mixing bowl was a helmet in disguise

......loves doing projects and crafts....
Rainy day crafts:  making "stained glass windows"  (we've been stuck in this rainy pattern recently, so we've been doing LOTS of crafts the past week or so!)

The finished products.  Theo's are the heart and the "T"

.....and last but not fitting in just fine.  
Another rainy day activity:  camping in the living room and settling in with popcorn and a movie

Question for parents of little ones who need glasses - Theo snapped the nose piece off of his current pair of glasses.  I've glued it back together temporarily, until we can get in to see the eye doctor (the prescription he came home with is expired, so I'm not sure I can get another pair in without a visit).   I'm leaning toward ordering a pair of Tomato glasses for him, since he has a super flat bridge to his nose, but I haven't found anyone out there yet who has used them and can offer me a review.  Any of you readers out there have experience with this brand?   I'd love to hear about it!  Thanks!