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We (Heidi and Mike) have been married for 8 years, and have three biological children, all boys.   The past few years, however, we've felt a pull on our hearts to adopt a child with special needs into our family.   Our family has more than enough love and nurture to give to another child, but that we also feel that we have the ability and skills to care for a child with special needs.
After much prayer and discernment, we decided to start the adoption process and to welcome a little angel into our family.    Almost unbelievably quickly, our prayers were answered with the picture of an adorable little boy.  God’s call to love and nurture this child grew stronger with every minute that the email sat open on the computer.
We (and the boys) are excited to journey towards bringing our little angel home.  God has blessed us with an incredible home and family to share, and we are confidant that He will continue to provide for this little one to come home.  Your prayers and financial support are appreciated more than we could ever express.  Bringing our son home is a tremendous responsibility (and joy!), and we will be forever grateful for your support on the journey.  God has created a home full of adventurous, giggling little boys, and is leading Peter home!

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  1. I'm standing on the sidelines watching and praying and cheering for you to be able to bring Peter home to his forever family... and soon. I have dontated another tiny bit and I hope it will encourage a lot of people to do the same.. You are so close... sending you hugs and love.