Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Day to Remember

Well, it finally happened.

After 38 long months of paper chasing, fingerprinting, and home study visits, it's official.   Theo is officially Theo and we are officially named as his parents.

It was a day to remember:

OT session and school first thing in the morning for Mr Theo.

A big big big lunch (I knew we'd have a hard time getting him to eat with everyone here, so we "front-loaded" everyone with Theo's favourite:  spaghetti)

A quick nap

Then a costume change and buckling into the car.

Unloaded at the courthouse, where we were met with many friends who took time out of their busy day to witness this event with us.

And then, this:

And some goofing off:

(he's actually signing "cow" here and mooing, because he's crazy goofy like that)

Celebrating the moment with friends that we love:

And then continuing to party at home with a few (*cough cough* thirty-something) of our closest friends.

I'm exhausted and emotional and so very very grateful for this day.   Thanks to all of you, there's a little boy sleeping a few feet away from me who calls me Mom and now shares my name.   I am so very grateful for the chance to love him and parent him, even as a part of me mourns the loss of his bio family.   His story is not mine to tell, but I know that they fought hard for him and tried so very hard to give him what he needed, and it just wasn't able to happen.  I'm humbled by their faith and their sacrificial love and determined to do everything I can to give this little boy all the love and care that I know they wish that they could.

There were times over the past three years when I doubted that God would ever bring this to a close - that we would ever hold Theo in our arms and rock him to sleep and hear his laugh and kiss his tears away.   Now he's here, and he's our son, and I am humbled by my lack of faith and God's generosity.

God is so good to us.   He is faithful, even when we struggle to be.

Thank you all for your prayers and support.


A few pictures that we couldn't share with you until now:


  1. Congratulations to your family! What a beautiful day! Theo is so handsome, and a lucky boy to be apart of your family.

  2. This is beautiful, Michael and Heidi. Thank you for sharing your dear family blessings with us. Theo's new family life and future encompassed with his lovely, sweet baby sister, big brothers, mother, and father are indeed blessed on this day... <3 so happy for you... honored to be included in your celebration of joy and love...