(Note:  "Zechariah" is his name on the public waiting list.  Hong Kong will not release his given name, publicly.  When he comes home, he will be our Peter).

Boy, Born December 2009

ABIhkziye–Down Syndrome
Oh my stars, this little one is squishy!   Sweet Zechariah needs a loving family of his own.  Zechariah has been staying in the hospital since July 2010 and is awaiting residential placement.
Present Development:  After birth, he was found to have Downs syndrome, heart problems of foramen ovale and patent ductus arteriosis and transient myelopliferative disease.  He was then diagnosed to have Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) in August 2010.  Having received medical treatment and chemotherapy, he responded well to the treatments.  The bone marrow assessment conducted in November 2010 indicated that the AML is in remission.  He was fit for discharge in February 2011 and has been waiting for residential placement.
Zechariah is cheerful and cute with two dimples.  He smiles to people visiting him at his crib and is loved by medical staff in his ward.  He receives many gifts from them, such as bibs, clothes, biscuits, baby food etc.  Because of squinting, he needs to wear a pair of corrective glasses. However, wearing them for a short period of time, he takes them off.
Presently, he stands up from his bed by grasping the rail of his crib.  He walks when he was taken by hands.  He loves playing with peoples, smiling happily and only cries occasionally.  Usually he sits on his bed and looks at the person who approaches his bed in order to get his / her attentions.  When medical staff is busy, he stays quietly in his crib.  Zechariah becomes excited and claps his hands when he hears music and songs. He manages to eat a piece of biscuit and hold the milk bottle.  Knowing that there is sound coming out from an audio toy, he hits the button.  He responds well to sound and people and gets along well with other children and their parents in the ward.  When the social worker left and said goodbye to him, he waved bye-bye and sent a “flying kiss” to the worker.  Presently, he only babbles.

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  1. Just reread this and it made me smile, thinking that you will be so many first for Peter. First words, first popcycle, first family and first mommy and daddy! My prayers are united with yours, HUG