We're just starting out on this journey with Peter, but we've already got a couple of super cute pictures of our little boy.  Hong Kong is really picky about who we share these pictures with, so to be able to see pictures of Peter himself, click on this link:

You will need to have a password to view the gallery.  Email us here to get that password.  Again, sorry to be so picky, but Hong Kong is very private about their children!!

We hope to add to this photo gallery with fundraising events, more pictures of our little one, and pictures of his forever family.  Enjoy!

Celebrating our little guy at a bbq fundraiser

Getting the park ready for the party

Enjoying time with family and friends

Lots of food, friends, and laughter!

Excited to meet their new brother!
Theo's forever family

Getting ready to give away the iPad.  

Click the video to watch us giving away the iPad!

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