Monday, August 11, 2014

Theo meets the ocean....

...the Atlantic Ocean, that is.

Mike is on vacation for part of this week, so we decided to take a quick little trip to our favourite beach for a family picnic dinner tonight after the biggest rascals finished gymnastics practice.    It was a beautiful night - cool and sunny - and an amazing sunset.

I'd taken Theo to the beach twice before this, and he'd gradually warmed up to the idea of swimming in a lake or playing on the sand over the past two trips.   Tonight, however, he was ALLLLLLL over the idea of playing in the water or digging in the sand.   Little Man had a blast!  Here's the picture proof:

Finishing up his snack and surveying the scene

Venturing out to the water with his big brother

I'd LOVE to know what he's thinking at this moment.  Such a sweetie.

I gave Rascal #1 the camera and told him to have fun....this is what he came back with.  I love it!

Things are still going really well here - it feels like Theo has always been here!    It happened twice today where he echoed the English words I was speaking to him - I was shocked.   The words ("more" and "up") aren't sounds that I've heard him babble before.  He's signed the words to me in the past couple of weeks, but today was the first time he attempted to say the word along with the sign.   This little guy is brilliant, I'm telling you!

Love this little guy so much!

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