Monday, February 27, 2012

Getting in on the fun...

Bringing Peter home is turning into quite the family affair!

I told the big boys that they could come up with a way to help fundraise to bring Peter home, and they decided that they wanted to make rosaries to sell.  (I think this idea came from the fact that Mike and I are making very, very nice wooden rosaries to sell later this spring - around First Communion time - on this website).  Anywho, I found some kid-friendly wooden beads and rosary kits, and the boys and I have been working hard on making them over the past two days.  They're an awesome finished product - I'm excited for the big boys to set up their little booth at the BBQ and other big events.  (and yes, I will set up a link on here, after the auction is over, for those of you out of town).  It's cute to see them getting involved and talking about what's going on and what we're trying to accomplish with this whole crazy process.  I think that, conceptually, it's hard for them to grasp the idea that they have a brother out there - halfway around the world - that they've never met, and it's hard for them to picture what life will be like once he comes home.  I mean, it's hard enough for Mike and I to verbalize it....I can't imagine what it would be like if we were only 6 years old!   This is a tangible activity that allows them to participate in a concrete way.  And I don't know about you, but it seems that often, my mind can grasp something a bit better if I am distracting my hands with an activity - conversations are deeper while preparing a meal together, for example.  Working on these rosaries together has allowed us a chance to talk through everything, while focusing on a goal that we can accomplish in a short period of time.

We finished up the last of our home study visits this weekend.  Now, we're just in a kind of waiting period.   Reports have to be written, the state needs to sign off on things, and one more doctor's appointment needs to be met.  Then we wait....

I've kind of been having fun on the Reece's Rainbow website this weekend.  They just revamped everything, and it's looking fantastic.    On Friday, a Facebook friend posed a challenge on her blog to try and get one particular little boy's grant up over the $2500 mark.  Once a child has $2500 in their grant, their chances of finding a forever family are increased quite a bit - adoption is such a huge expense, that grant really helps a prospective adoptive family take the leap of faith.  Anyhow, this one little boy, Malcolm, is facing a dire future.  In a few short months (April) he'll "age out" of the baby house he's currently living in and move into an institution.  Malcolm is adorable - completely and totally lovable - and my friend was hoping to get him moved onto the "sizable grants" list and increase his odds of finding a forever family.   It was amazing to watch - in three short days, Malcolm's grant went from around $2000 to over $5100 (and that's not counting checks that are being mailed in!).  The financial support just seemed to pour out of everywhere, and it was so incredibly exciting to be watching all weekend.   This little boy is already so loved, and I'm praying for his forever family to find him quickly.  

The time period is drawing to a close for our iPad giveaway, by the way.  On Thursday, we'll get a list of everyone who's donated to Peter's fund, add it to the list of people who have shared our blog site in some way (Facebook, Twitter, email, etc) and we'll give someone a crazy big THANK YOU in the form of a brand new iPad 2.  Are you going to be on that list?  Follow the tab at the top to make sure you are! 

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