Friday, February 10, 2012

Here goes!

Since I seem to be a queen of creating blogs (seriously, I think I've started more blogs for various organizations or reasons than I can even count...), we've decided to move forward with an adoption-specific blog.  This will be the place to come to check on how our journey of bringing Peter home is going, the place to come and lend a sympathetic ear or comment or two, or the place to support our journey through different fundraising efforts.  It will be our "Central Station" of Peter's adoption.

Along those lines, I've started moving all of our adoption - related blog posts from the past, and all of our plans moving forward to this site.  Please bookmark it for future reference!

Take the time to explore, dig around, and enjoy the path we're finding ourselves on.  Each of the tabs at the top will give you a little bit more of a "feel" for where we've been, where we're headed, and where you fit in!

Thank you for helping to bring our Peter home!

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