Wednesday, February 29, 2012

iPad Giveaway - Update!

Alright, ladies and gentleman, the hour is quickly approaching.

In three short hours, we'll "cut-off" the eligibility list for the iPad giveaway.  

Hopefully, tomorrow, we'll be contacting one of you (privately first, by the way) to let you know that we have an iPad to send you and confirming what address you want it shipped to.   Unless, of course, you are in the same town as us, and then we'll be figuring out a way to meet up with you and give it to you in person!

After we contact the lucky recipient, I'll post here on the blog, letting everyone know who got it.  :-)

There is only one thing that may delay the announcement - we've had a number of donations come in today (which is fantastic - THANK YOU!) - and that means that we have to get an updated list of donors from Reece's Rainbow.  We've been told that it sometimes takes a day for them to process all of the names/donations and get us that list.   If that's the case this time, too, we will have to wait until Friday to contact the recipient.  We just want to make sure that everyone who tried to participate in the giveaway is in the running - we don't want to leave anyone out!

So, if you haven't already gotten in on the action, take a moment to do so now!  I am so excited to see what tomorrow brings! 

Thank you all!

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