Tuesday, February 14, 2012

iPad Giveaway!!!

Well, more precisely....we got to SHIP an iPad today!  Here's how the giveaway ended up:

The iPad is on its way to Patty, and I'm so grateful to everyone for having had this opportunity to share some fun and joy!

Patty, I hope you enjoy the gift!!



iPad Giveaway - Update! 


Alright, ladies and gentleman, the hour is quickly approaching.
In three short hours, we'll "cut-off" the eligibility list for the iPad giveaway.  
Hopefully, tomorrow, we'll be contacting one of you (privately first, by the way) to let you know that we have an iPad to send you and confirming what address you want it shipped to.   Unless, of course, you are in the same town as us, and then we'll be figuring out a way to meet up with you and give it to you in person!
After we contact the lucky recipient, I'll post here on the blog, letting everyone know who got it.  :-)
There is only one thing that may delay the announcement - we've had a number of donations come in today (which is fantastic - THANK YOU!) - and that means that we have to get an updated list of donors from Reece's Rainbow.  We've been told that it sometimes takes a day for them to process all of the names/donations and get us that list.   If that's the case this time, too, we will have to wait until Friday to contact the recipient.  We just want to make sure that everyone who tried to participate in the giveaway is in the running - we don't want to leave anyone out!
So, if you haven't already gotten in on the action, take a moment to do so now!  I am so excited to see what tomorrow brings! 
Thank you all!

Would you like to have one of those?
An  iPad 2, of your very own?

Let us give one to you!

We are holding our very first give-away on our Bringing Home Peter blog – isn't it exciting?!?!

“So who exactly is eligible for this iPad?”  you may be wondering.

Everyone is eligible!

Yep, that’s right.  Everyone. 
All you have to do is one of two options (before March 1, 2012):
1)    Make a monetary donation towards Peter’s adoption in any amount.  There are three ways to do this:  via either button on our blog (one is directly to us, and is not a tax deduction, and the other is a tax-deductible donation to Reece’s Rainbow that will be applied to our adoption fees), or in-person through a cash or check donation.  We humbly request a donation of $50 to help us bring Peter home.
2)  Share this blog (and give-away information) in some manner.  This can be through Facebook, Twitter, email, or word-of-mouth.  The only catch is that we need to KNOW that you shared the blog with a friend, so we can be sure to consider you when determining the gift recipient.  If you send someone to our blog, make sure they know that they have to mention your name, either in a comment or email.  If you share on Facebook, make sure to tag us and let your friends know to mention your name.


  1. Kara McIntee sent me :)

    (I shared the blog post on FB as well).

  2. I'm trying to post this to Facebook but it's not letting me...I'll keep trying.

    Does this count retroactively - i.e. can I tell friends who have already donated that they are eligible?

    1. Unfortunately, I have to count donations from the day the giveaway started (yesterday). It's an accounting/bookkeeping thing. However, they could always just share the link somehow and let me know!

  3. Shared and tagged. :) Excellent idea!

  4. Great idea! Going to share on facebook right now! :-)

  5. I shared this on twitter, and while I disagree with your method of why you want to adopt, it's a noble thing to adopt a child like Peter regardless. I have a pretty good mix of followers on twitter that I hope will have the money to donate to your cause, here is my link to the tweet: https://twitter.com/#!/zamiel/status/169829122628005888

  6. I'm sharing the crap out of this, Heidi! I am so proud of you! xoxo
    P.S. - do you still have my phone #? If so, call me some time this Sunday if you can...I want to discuss helping out with the silent auction if it's not too late.

  7. I shared this on Facebook but couldn't figure out how to tag you so I also tweeted it. Here is the link to the tweet ~ https://twitter.com/#!/PrmintMochaMama/status/170192246082248704

  8. I just shared it on Facebook! I meant to tag you but since I copied the exact post from Amanda Luckey, the tag didn't copy. Your name is mentioned, but it just didn't tag you!

  9. Laurie Jean (LJ) Gombar sent me! From an adoptive mom, congrats! No way to tag you as no where does it say the name to tag or in my post on FB there was no tag option.

    I have a screen shot of the post on my fb page but do not have an email to send it to you in.


  10. ooo, pick me, pick me :) great give away for an even better cause? I am in ;) Just shared on facebook,

  11. I shared on facebook profile, my facebook fan page as Syeda's hobbies, google buzz, twitter and on my blog.

  12. I have shared this blog on my Facebook (Denise Council), however I'm not sure if I was able to tag through my phone. I would love to take a screen shot and email it to you for verification if necessary. What a great cause, and thank you for sharing this!

  13. denise council sent me! and posted on fb and twitter

  14. Vince shared this on the intranet at work, so it will reach lots and lots of employees (apparently I'm not allowed to disclose how many employees). :)

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Correction:

      Amy Dik shared this on Facebook and also sent me a link to your blog. This is quite an adventure you are embarking on and little Peter is blessed to be wanted by your family. He looks and sound like he is adorable! He has been through so much in his short little life so far.

      Blessings on you and your family as you continue this journey.


  16. We donated after seeing your link on Leila's post about Malcolm.

  17. I shared via Facebook from seeing Kara McInee's post - but I am not friends with you, so I can't tag you. Prayers for your family! :)

  18. shared it Heidi. Congratulations! I'm happy for you guys.

    Alesha Jacques

  19. tweeted it here. https://twitter.com/#!/lilelizajane/status/174793881026699266

    I hear about you from Little Catholic Bubble.

  20. I blogged about it! http://a-star-of-hope.blogspot.com/2012/02/want-ipad.html

  21. I also donated, directly to Reece's Rainbow (I used my husband's paypal account - Collin Wahlund.)