Monday, June 9, 2014

Two Days

Two days.

That's all that's left before Mike and Rascal #1 get on a plane to go to Theo.

The bags are packed.  (and unpacked and repacked and unpacked and repacked, haha).

Clothes are washed and waiting for him.

Toys and books are out and waiting for Theo.

Passports and documents have been checked and rechecked and are all stored safely for the travelers to take with them.

Plans have been made for sightseeing and spending bonding time with Theo before getting on the plane to come back home.

Theo's baby sister showed up about two weeks ago, and she's ready and waiting for her big brother to get home.  

Things are falling into place.

We're excited, nervous, a touch scared, and incredibly grateful that we're finally at the end of this long journey to our little boy.

Please pray for us, for Mike and both boys who will be traveling (Rascal #1 and Theo), and we will keep you updated on all of their adventures!

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