Monday, June 23, 2014

He's home!

It took longer than it was supposed to, thanks to a canceled flight at the very last minute (seriously, I was loading the other kids into the car, after having woken them up at 11 pm when Mike called to tell me the news).

After some negotiations, the airline put him and the boys up in a hotel and rebooked them for a flight for this morning out of New York and into Maine.    I think, even though it was frustrating and anti-climactic and stressful last night, that it really worked out for the best.   All three travelers were able to get a great night of sleep and show up in Maine rested, bathed/showered, and feeling a bit more "human" overall instead of stumbling in after 40 hours of traveling around the world.

And now, I have a toddler sleeping in the crib that we've had waiting for him for over two years now. 

He seems to be responding well to all of us - he's interacting, eating/drinking, and playing.  He's very much in love with his big brothers, not too sure about what exactly his little sister IS (today's her one month birthday, so she's still pretty tiny!), and seems very comfortable in his new home.

Over the next little bit, we're going to be "cocooning" our family - laying low and spending time bonding and getting to know each other.  I probably won't be updating all that often here or on FB, but will try to come back and let everyone know how we are doing at least occasionally!!

I'm currently uploading pictures and video from today's homecoming!  Check them out!!

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