Monday, June 16, 2014

Day 1 with Theo

Yesterday was Day 1 of meeting with and spending time with Theo!

A brief description of the day, from Mike:

What an amazing day, can't wait to tell you all about it!

We met "G" (Heidi's note: that's our social worker) at the hotel then we went to meet him at the mall in town. His foster mother met us at McDonald's and then we spent some time talking. She then left and we explored a park nearby. He was nervous I think at first, it took a bit to warm up to us, but then he bonded pretty quickly - especially to Rascal #1. He definitely knew who we were, he was calling me papa!

Then we ate some traditional food for lunch - he made quite the mess!! And then we took a cab out to his home and spent a couple of hours there with his foster mother. She gave us all kinds of stuff to take back: pictures, movies, slide shows. The nurses at the hospital he lived at made a collage. Seriously I was moved to tears so many times. It was so much better than I ever could have expected!

There are some pretty amazing pictures and video filtering in through my email.  I cannot wait until we can share all of them with you guys (that'll be after the adoption is finalized, just FYI).   They are heading back out in a few minutes to spend day #2 with Theo (it's tomorrow already where they are), and I'll try to make sure to get an update together for you all tomorrow!

If you have emailed me for the photo album and haven't gotten a response, please try again by emailing me here.    I found one email in my spam folder, and don't know if I've missed any others.   

Thank you again for the prayers and the support!  One day closer to bringing our little guy home!!

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  1. This has been a most excellent day for the Czerkes family. I'm so very happy for you and Theo who is about to embark on an adventure of his own. The union is about to take place and you will all be the "forever" family he so deserves. I'm very happy and proud of all of you for staying the course that God has laid before you...You are an amazing family... and I love you all... what a great example you are to all of your family and friends. ...