Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Day 2 with Theo

From Mike:

Today was a very special day. It started with a bus/train ride to Theo's school. His school is a government run school for special needs children. What an amazing place, the children are very well cared for, and seem to really be thriving there! There was 1 main teacher and about 5 other helpers in the room, it was truly remarkable to see them in action! 

We then left with Theo after lunch and brought him back to our hotel. We spent the afternoon playing and getting to know him even more. We took him for his first ever swim, and he sure loved the water!! He even went down water slides with daddy and big brother! He kept putting his face in the water, and loved to be dunked under!! He is quite the daredevil! 

We brought him back to our room for a snack and to relax before bringing him back to the foster home. This is his last night at the foster home, tomorrow is "gotcha day", where we sign over all of the paperwork, and he will officially be in our care!!!! 

Huge going away party tomorrow for him though. It is clear that our little man has been well loved and cared for. I am so grateful for his foster family, his teachers and his nurses/doctors for their amazing care. He is truly special, and he has clearly been treated that way. God is GREAT!

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  1. So very happy to hear how things are going Michael. What a wonderful experience this has been for the whole Czerkes family. Your supporters are already in love with the newest addition to your family and can't wait to meet him. Have a safe journey home with your boys ... we will continue to pray for all of you as you wing your way home... This has been a long and amazing journey... God has surely put His hands on you for this amazing life event... sending hugs and love ..