Thursday, May 15, 2014


I know it's been awhile since our last update, but there's been a lot happening at the Circus!

We're still waiting on Theo's little sister to arrive - my due date is next week, and she's looking healthy and quite comfortable, so we might not be meeting her for awhile still!  Everyone's got their fingers crossed that she comes sooner than that, though.   Her big brothers are VERY excited to meet her!

Theo's been going through his medical appointments and tests for his visa to come home.   The last we heard, that's all been going well and he's happy and healthy and ready to head to his forever home!

Last week, our court order was issued, making him officially our son according to his country.  We are now the proud parents of FOUR little boys!  :)   (it'll be finalized here in the States after he comes home).

However, there was a mistake on the official document (sigh, this happens only to us, right?!?!)  and our social worker had to send that back to the court to be fixed.   We were told that would take about 3 weeks, which delays our travel dates a bit (very glad we didn't actually BOOK the tickets yet - my intuition was correct!).  That's slightly frustrating, but at the same time, it gives us more time to wait for his little sister and get situated with her before Daddy and Rascal #1 head across the world to go pick up Theo, so it really works out better in the long run.   God's got this.  :)

Our official travel dates were confirmed this morning, and we're booking tickets as I type.    On June 11, Daddy and Rascal #1 will board a plane to go pick up our little boy, and they'll be home to meet the rest of the family about 10 days later!

I'll update as we get closer to traveling!!

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