Wednesday, April 16, 2014

It's really happening!


The email we've been waiting for has arrived.

Yesterday, our in-country social worker requested that we "start making travel plans".   She wants us to make plans for the end of May to bring our little guy home (his country is slightly different in that the bulk of all of the paperwork and legal stuff is done before we get there, so the travel time is pretty short AND is very flexible).

We were told to start building an itinerary with our travel agent, and are just waiting for a final  confirmation of what "end of May" means to our social worker (BE there for the end of May, as in, be there for the last week of May....or LEAVE the USA during the last week of May and be available in-country for the first week of June).  It makes a big difference on our end with vacation time and expenses, so we want to make sure we understand everything correctly before committing ourselves to anything!

Please pray as we journey through these last weeks.   Our little girl's official due date is 5/21, so this makes things a bit chaotic at home, but we've had all the support in place for quite a while, just waiting for the green light.   Grandmas are scheduling their weeks here, babysitters are in place, and our village is committing to different forms of help when both the baby and our little guy are due to arrive.    It will be a bit crazy, but we are surrounded by amazing people, and more than anything else.....God's got this under control.

We will keep you updated and share information as we get it - hold on, Theo, we're on our way!!

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