Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Fourth of July!

We had a relatively relaxing Fourth of July celebration here at the Czerkes' house.    Everyone slept in (gasp!), and we ended up spending the entire morning sitting on the back patio, in our pajamas, watching the rain.

Yes, we sat outside and watched.the.rain.fall.   

This is a big event here in AZ!

We played in the rain...we danced in the rain...we got totally and completely soaking wet.  Even the dog got in on the fun, trying to catch raindrops:

Then, it was time to come inside and do a little bit of schoolwork.  We've decided to keep a year-round schedule here with homeschooling, for various reasons.  It helps us keep a daily routine (which makes the rascals happier), and it will allow us more freedom to take time off when Peter comes home.  

Today's activities included some artwork - Rascal #2 was supposed to paint what he imagined the fireworks to look like at the 4th of July celebration we were attending.  He did a pretty good job predicting it!  Take a look:

It was finally time to head out to our town's fireworks celebration.  This year, they'd found additional viewing sights, one of which was about 5 minutes from our house and a conveniently included a concession stand, a real, working bathroom, and beautifully mowed, fenced in soccer fields (where we threw blankets down and lounged around with friends).  The boys had a blast - and so did we!  

The night ended with pajamas and sparklers on the back patio....a fantastic day, all-around!

How was your Fourth of July?

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