Thursday, July 12, 2012

Quick Takes - Giveaway edition!

As always, thanks to Jen for hosting!

In honour of our own little fun giveaway that's going on, today's Quick Takes are going to be a special "Giveaway Edition."  There are SO MANY fun things to check out right now.  Make sure you click on all of the links below to check out all of the fun!


There are some AWESOME items being given away over on this blog.   Check them out and help to bring Claudia home!  (Although I have to warn you, the handmade scarf is MINE!  haha)


Help to bring Kenzi home by checking out this fantastic giveaway.    Ipads, cameras, Kindles, HUGE donations to your child of choice on Reece's Rainbow - so many fun items to walk away with.   Go check it out!


Go check out the giveway to help bring Thalia home!   You can find that on this blog.   Three words for you:  CUSTOM ROASTED COFFEE.

Can there be a better item to get in exchange for helping to bring an orphan home?!?!


Do you ever feel like you just don't have "enough" to donate that will really make a difference for all of these families?  As in, "My measly $5 isn't enough to make a difference, they won't even notice it.   Why should I even bother?"

Here's a reason why you should bother:  At this giveaway, the adoptive family has been giving the opportunity to match up to $6K of all donations received!!     Not only do you have a chance to get an awesome thank-you gift, but your donation will be DOUBLED!  Woo-hoo!   It's a win-win!  :-)


You're invited!  To what?   A virtual baby shower for two little girls who are on their way to their forever family.   They adopted a little girl, Gabby, and are going back not only for Gabby's best friend from the orphanage, but an older girl, too.   There are so many ways to help them bring the girls home - and awesome thank you gifts that you might get in return!  Check it out!


So those are the giveaways for the kiddos that already have found their forever families.  Now, time to meet a few orphans who are still hoping for their families to find them.   

Shane tugs at my heart.  He's the exact same age as Rascal #1.   He looks like he could be one of my boys.   And he has HIV.   His quality of life with good medical care can be amazing.   Please share his picture - spread the word.  Become Shane's advocate.  Help him find his family.



Think a having a large family means that you can't adopt one of these little ones?   Not so!  Some countries make allowances for larger families.  Asher is in one of those countries.   He needs a family - could it be yours?!?!


  1. Yay for giveaways!! And, I just posted yours! (Is there supposed to be a number 5 here?)

  2. Yeah, I just added it. I had it on one screen, because I'd just added it, and didn't realize that I had a second window open. I came back to hit publish and hit the wrong window! haha. Whoops! All fixed now!

  3. I have totally done that more times than I care to say!