Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hats off to Peter!

Hats off to Peter!!

That's what we say around here!

And that's what a generous donor at Memaw's Creations has told us, too!

She's graciously donated seven incredible, hand-created hats (well, eight, actually - the zebra hat has an adorable matching infant hat that comes with it) to help us bring Peter home to his forever family.

Would you like one?

Guess what?!?!   We're going to give them away!

As an incentive to spread the word and participate in the Macbook Air giveaway to bring Peter home,  we're going to start sending these out as thank you gifts to people helping to complete the puzzle for Peter's room.

For every 78 puzzle pieces claimed, we will take the names of everyone who has either donated or shared our giveaway in some way (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc) and commented on the giveaway post and choose one person to receive one of these awesome hats in their mailbox.   The hats fit each of our rascals, so they'll fit a child or an adult with a small head.  ;-)  

We'll get the party started with our alma mater - Michigan State University.

Any Spartans out there?   Any Spartan fans out there that need an awesome new winter hat?   

Let's spread the word!   With 52 puzzle pieces already accounted for, we only have 26 more puzzle pieces to go before someone out there is getting a gift of green-and-white in their mailbox!!  

Check out all the details for the Macbook Giveaway here, or by following the link at the top of the blog.   I want to send this hat out to someone soon!  

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  1. 5 puzzle pieces claimed by the Spann/Cawley family via Reece's Rainbow donation, but we don't need no stinkin' Spartan hat! Can't wait til you get Peter home!