Monday, July 30, 2012

Even Peter's big brothers get in on the fun.....

Our vacation was a prime opportunity to do a little fundraising to bring Peter home......according to his big brothers, at least!   Rascal #2 decided, on his own, to create masterpieces and sell them at a roadside stand over the weekend.  Rascals #1 and 3 couldn't be left out, of course, and so the three of them put their skills together and went to work, raising money to bring Peter home.   Enjoy the pictures!

The artist

Rascal #1 designed the stand and signs, Rascal #2 drew the pictures, and Rascal #3 was the salesman - yelling, "TWO DOLLAR PICTURES!!!" at everyone who went by.   haha

Making a sale

It was a successful venture - raised $14 to help bring Peter home

Don't forget that you, too, can help us bring Peter home.  Our puzzle fundraiser is still going strong - 101 pieces spoken for!   There are still quite a few more, though, and we still have a Macbook Air to give away.   Go and check it out!!  


  1. Love your blog! We have three boys too and are discerning adopting a waiting child from China. Praying for you all!

  2. Thank you, guys!

    Katie - that's awesome! We will add your discernment to our prayers!