Thursday, August 2, 2012

Puzzle update (with pictures!) and another giveaway!

**Don't forget that you can get in on the puzzle fun, and possibly walk away with a Macbook Air, either through the tab at the top of the blog or here!!**

Well, I managed to clean out our school stuff from the schoolroom and make a safe place to store Peter's puzzle after getting back from our vacation.   With that accomplished, the boys and I started in on putting together the puzzle pieces that had already been taken for.   I'd expected it to take a good amount of time (after all, we had 104 puzzle pieces to put together of a puzzle that is quite tricky!), but the boys were so excited to get started with Peter's puzzle that we were finished in less than an hour!    The 3 year old merely cheered us on, but the 6 and 8 year olds were totally into putting together the puzzle.  They did most of the work!

Here are some pictures of our fun, and the artwork for Peter's room (as it stands right now).  Thank you all for your support - you are making this happen!!!

Rascal #2 showing off the "before" puzzle

Getting off to a good start

Working so hard (and well) together!

Rascal #3 cheering on #1 and #2

Stopping for the moment - 104 puzzle pieces put together!

Where we stand right now.....104 pieces spoken for,  446 left to go!

Thank you all for your support so far.  We are sooooo excited to get this put together, framed, and hanging in Peter's room.   Knowing that we will be fully funded at that point, too, is extremely exciting and reassuring.

You can help us get there!   Check out our Macbook Air giveaway tab at the top of the blog (or go here) to find out how.  

We currently stand at 104 puzzle pieces spoken for.  As an added incentive, for every 78 puzzle pieces that are claimed, we're giving away one of these awesome handcrafted hats to one of you who shares the giveaway or donates for a puzzle piece.  

We've already given away one hat.....can we give away another by this weekend?

If we can get to 156 puzzle pieces (so 52 more need to be claimed) this hat will go home to one of you:

Isn't it awesome?  It fits all of my kiddos (and they all have big heads), so it'll fit a youth or an adult with a small head.  

As an added incentive, if we can get to 156 puzzle pieces by this Saturday, August 4th, at midnight MST, we'll throw in a $25 gift certificate to with the hat.   You could end up with this awesome hat AND a meal out, on us, as a thank you!

Let's start sharing and spreading the word.  Don't forget to comment on the Macbook giveaway post, so I can make sure you are included in the giveaway.   Facebook it - tweet it - email it to friends - shout it from the rooftop...whatever you can do to spread the word!  

Help us get this puzzle put together and bring Peter home! 

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