Friday, August 3, 2012

Quick Takes!

As always, thanks to Jen for hosting!!


Puzzle catch up!

We're still stuck at 104 puzzle pieces at the moment - can you help sponsor another one?

Don't forget, there are tons of things we're giving away during this puzzle fundraiser.   First and foremost, a Macbook Air!


When we get to 156 puzzle pieces, this awesome hat will be given away to someone:

As an added bonus, if we can get there by this Saturday, August 4th, at midnight MST, we'll give a $25 gift certificate to away with the hat!  Spread the word!


Another fun fundraiser is going on this month:  Nickels for Nico

Look at this face.

He's stolen Kara's heart, and she is working tirelessly to help find him a forever family.   Let's help her by participating in her change drive this month!


Look at this opportunity.  Oliver, one of the very first orphans we rallied for, has an opportunity for a $2000 matching grant.  We have two weeks to get there - can you help spread the word?


Don't forget about Weighing Malcolm Home!  Our friends Charles and Eli are working hard to bring their adorable son, Malcolm, home as quickly as possible.   Their current fundraiser has the potential to not only get him home sooner, but to really make a huge positive impact on their whole family.  How?   By supporting Charles in losing weight!  Sponsor a pound of weightloss and help TWO family members - Charles AND Malcolm!


One more fundraiser link-up for today:   Remember Justin?  He's coming home to the Stout family, and while Meg has been working tirelessly to help raise funds for OTHER orphans on their journey home.....she's asked for very little for themselves.  

In appreciation for Meg's work, an Etsy Shop (Rae's Gifts) is stepping forward and donating 20% of all sales for the month of August.  Let's show Meg how much we appreciate her advocacy and share the love!


Last but not least, Kara and I are working on organizing a joint yard sale to benefit both Peter and Nico.   It's going to be soon - we both want to get this done quickly!   If you have anything you'd like to donate, please contact me here.  Thanks!


  1. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. i don't feel like writing out sentences, so... YAY on all of it. Thank you for posting about Nickels for Nico, especially.

  2. You are so busy! When will you have time for school!:)