Friday, June 29, 2012

Quick Takes - volume 6

Once again, thanks to Jen for hosting!


For those of you who regularly follow the blog, you already know this, but.....our USCIS fingerprinting is done!   Hopefully we'll get our approval soon and our dossier can be put in front of the government in Peter's country.    That appointment was probably the easiest government-related process that I have EVER participated in.   Seriously, it was a breeze.  I was very pleasantly surprised!!!


There are some pretty cool things going on out there in the adoption blog-o-sphere!  Here's a fundraiser that is not only incredibly creative, but it's just plain awesome.   What is it?  It's "Weighing Malcolm Home."    We all know Malcolm - he's the little boy that everyone rallied for so much this past spring.   Well, his forever dad has issued a challenge to all those out there - he will be losing weight before they bring Malcolm home - and you are being challenged to sponsor every pound.  What a great fundraiser, with so many positive outcomes!  


Another child that I've featured on here before, Thadius, is on his way home!  He has had a family commit to him recently, and I'm happy to say that I know this family, too!    He is very, very blessed to be heading to the Vanchura's home - and you have an opportunity to help get him there.   They are doing their first giveaway to help bring the little guy home, and it's a good one:  an iPad!

Check it out on their blog, here!


Speaking of giveaways, we've had an opportunity presented to do another one here on our blog.  So my question for you is this:  Which item would you be more interested in being able to receive in a giveaway?

an iPad (the new ones)
a Kindle Fire
a Nook Colour
a Macbook Air

Leave your preference in the comments below!  Obviously, there's a huge range of item value in those - so we're still working out the details.   But it should be coming soon - just in time for college students to head off to school!


We had to get our sprinkler system fixed the other day.   It usually goes off WAY before any of us are awake for the day, but we'd noticed that half of our yard wasn't growing back in (where we live, we have summer grass and winter's definitely summer - but our summer grass wasn't growing).   So, on a whim, we turned on the sprinkler system.  Turns out one of our sprinkler heads had broken and had turned that spot into quite the geyser....leaving no water pressure for the rest of the sprinkler heads.    We were flooding half of our yard - and totally leaving the other half parched.   So, on Wednesday, it was fixed.  What did we do to celebrate?   We played in the sprinklers, Arizona-style!   I wanted to share my favourite picture of the fun:

I can't wait to get Peter home to play with his big brothers!


It's time to show some faces!!  Let's start with Vonnie.....

Isn't she so cute?   Those rosy cheeks - she looks like she's just dying to play and laugh.  Maybe it could be in your home?


Wow, look at Justus.....

Maybe it's the sweater (my boys all had one that was, but I think it's the eyes.  Justus tugs on my heart, big time.   He needs a mommy and daddy to hug and cuddle with - someone to teach him how to sit on his own.    Could that be you?!?!

**** Man, that was a quick "Quick Takes" post!   Now, we're off to Ikea to get a few more things for Peter's room to celebrate our USCIS fingerprinting being completed!

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  1. Macbooooooook! I need a new laptop. Bad and I want a chance to win!!