Thursday, June 14, 2012

Quick Takes, vol 4

Thanks to Jen for hosting!


Okay, you guys HAVE to go and check this out.


Voting ends on Sunday - we need to make sure this happens! 

Go here and read about the video, watch it, and vote!  Then go and share!!


We got our fingerprint cards!   Yay!   We have a appointment that actually - believe it or not - works with Mike's schedule.   We're trying to decide if we should just try and walk in and hope that we can get it done more quickly that way.....or if we should just do what they tell us and show up when we're scheduled.  What are your thoughts, oh wise adoptive families out there?   Would you just keep the appointment, since it's convenient, or would you try to walk in before that date?  (for what it's worth, the appointment is about 10 days from now...)



Don't forget the iPad giveaway - you can go here to find out the details.  It ends tonight, so make sure to go and get involved!! 


We're doing a bunch of traveling over the next couple of weeks.  Last week, we took a long weekend to go back to Maine and see my old youth group kids graduate.    This week, we're heading to Grand Rapids, Michigan, for a long weekend.  Things will be quiet around here while all that traveling is going on - sorry!   I'll try to come back and keep updating during all of the chaos, but no promises (In addition, I'm sorry this is so disjointed.  I'm pooped from the trip to Maine!!)


Because it's fun - this one is in honour of Father Nathan.  :-)   Enjoy.


Look at Hadley!!  How beautiful is she?!?!?  So young - just barely over a year old.    Her mommy and daddy are out it you?


Look at Rosemary!   I'm instantly drawn to this little girl.  So much can be found in those eyes of hers - she wants to laugh and cuddle, I can just see it.   She's looking for her forever family with those eyes - could that be you? 


  1. Awesome Quick Takes! And, those girls! sigh! Beauties.

  2. walk in! Walk in! WALK IN!!!

    I love Hadley! So sweet.