Saturday, June 23, 2012

Quick Takes....from Michigan...

Thank you to Jen for hosting!


Okay, Mike and I are in Michigan for the weekend, so we're going to see how fast I can do these.  Five minutes, maybe?  Here goes!!


We went to the beach yesterday.  Oval Beach, in Saugatuck, MI, to be exact.  Google it.  I don't have time to link it for you.  (trying to be quick, remember?)  Absolutely gorgeous, and so very much what I needed.  I didn't realize just how much I missed the sound of waves crashing onto a beach.  It was perfect!


One reason for having to be quick?   I'm being hunted in the hotel lobby.  I'm not patient enough to do these from my phone, so I'm in the lobby on the shared computer.   Let's just say I feel very much like prey at the moment........lots of eyes watching the clock and how long I'm sitting here!  


Urgent prayer request, guys!  I received this from a friend today:

Please pray. A family went to Africa to adopt and were thrown in jail under suspicion of child trafficking. Their bio kids were put in the orphanage there. Just pray.

Read the blog linked above.  Pray for a quick solution.  I have children those exact ages as the American children.   I cannot imagine them thrown into an orphanage in a country that they don't know, in a language they don't understand.   Please pray.


Thanks to all of you, Brady Murray is going to Kona!  

Check out his blog at:

for the update and details.  You guys rock!


I feel badly about it, but I don't think I can copy and paste pictures of orphans who need a home on this won't let me save pictures, which is how I usually do it.  Forgive the lack of pictures, and just click on the links, please!  These children need homes and forever families!

OH MY GOSH, Micah is so very cute!  Look at him - don't you want to just pinch those cheeks and cuddle with him?  Check out Micah here:


I'm one minute over my self-imposed deadline, so this has to be quick.  Take your time looking through the babies who need homes, though - there are so many!!

Start with Rylee - she desperately needs a home and a medical system like ours that can provide for her needs.   Could her home be yours?

And we're out!  The other hotel guests will be much appreciative of our abbreviated Quick Takes this week!  Be back to normal next week!

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