Friday, June 8, 2012

Quick takes, 3rd edition

Thanks to Jen for hosting, once again!


Don't forget to vote every day for Brady Murray's advocating for Reece's Rainbow!  You can follow this link to find out more information.  He's still in first, but the other videos are gaining ground - go take 2 seconds and vote for him.  Don't worry, I'll wait for you to come back.  


You've still got a week to get in on another iPad giveaway, and your chances are still really good!  Go check out the story at Journey to Reunite Two Angels and get into the fun!


Our updates aren't really updates....haha.   Nothing new on the home front.  We got the official letter from USCIS stating that they'd received our application and it had entered their "lockbox"....and that's it.   We're hoping for our fingerprint appointment cards to come within the next two weeks, and then we'll go traipse downtown to get our fingerprints taken, once again.   I think by the end of this adoption journey, we will have been fingerprinted by every organization in this country!!


Good friends of ours here in AZ are working towards adopting a baby girl with spina bifida who should be born within the next month (domestic adoption).   The story is amazing, and they are trying to raise funds to help finance Baby Girl's adoption, before she is born and has the first of what will probably be many really intensive surgeries.   Please go check out their blog, read their story, and make sure to check out their adoption boutique!  Alison is making awesome birds nest necklaces to finance the costs, and you definitely want one! 


Because it cracks me up, I'm sharing this here.  The past two weeks are a blur, mainly because I had what we thought was a medical issue that was diagnosed as trigeminal neuralgia.  To make a long story short, after many specialist appointments, tests, medications, ended up being a tooth that needed a root canal.   My dentist went out of the way to meet us on a weekend and take care of it, so the boys and I put together a care package to thank him (and his family) for making me feel better.   My oldest wrote this card to put in the package:

It cracks me up that he messed up the spelling for "fixed" but got the apostrophe on "mom's" correct.   Silly boy!


Time to meet some new faces!!
Look at Landon!  Isn't he beautiful!   Seeing my friend prepare for the birth of Baby Girl with spina bifida has shown me just how much medical treatment is available here in our country.  Babies like Landon can flourish here - if they can just get the treatment they need.   His family is out there - could it be you? 


Oh my gosh, look at Atticus!!    I just want to pinch those cheeks - they're so adorable!  Can you just see how amazingly beautiful that face would be with a smile on it?  His family is out there, and he's waiting so patiently for them.  Could it be you?  Could you be the one to put a smile on his face?  

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