Monday, April 30, 2012

Wrapping up the auction..

...with a really big item! 

Especially if you have a little girl.   I mean, I was a little girl once, and I can tell you that this item would have MADE.MY.YEAR if I got it as a gift.  What is it?

An American Girls Doll.

Samantha Parkington, to be exact.  You actually can't buy these anymore - they've been "retired" and aren't available for new purchases.   All you can find are used ones on Ebay and places like that, and you have to trust that the condition the seller tells you the doll is really the condition it is in!

Well, you can trust me on this one - this doll is in AWESOME condition.   The only thing "wrong" with it is the original hairbow has been misplaced during one of our moves.   Everything else is perfect.  

See?!?!  Awesome condition!

These dolls are currently selling on Ebay and Craigslist for $300 on a regular basis.....right now, the current bidding on our auction is about 1/3 of that price.  Wow!  Go check it out here,  or follow the tab at the top of this page.

The other day (on Mike's birthday, actually) we launched our "Sponsor-A-Mile" campaign on this blog.  You can check it out here or follow the tab at the top of the page.  Thank you so much for jumping right on board with us!  101 of the miles have already been sponsored - you guys are awesome!!!   Thank you!!

We're still in the "waiting" mode here - waiting for that all important document to come from the Arizona courts.  Everything else for our dossier and USCIS paperwork is sitting, waiting to be sent off.   We're still hopeful that in the next couple of weeks (fingers crossed for mid-May), we'll be able to mail out all of that and be waiting on Hong Kong's response.   Our little boy is waiting for us - and we want to bring him home as soon as possible!  

Two plugs for friends here, guys.  We have some incredible families that are, locally, walking this journey alongside us.  You've all met Malcolm (Marat), and his family, the Smiths.   They are currently in the midst of an iPad giveaway on their blog, trying to raise funds for traveling to Russia this summer.  You can check them out here:

One More Smith

We've got another family that we are walking this journey with, here in town.  They are currently in the midst of adopting domestically, a little girl with spina bifida who should make her appearance this July.  We're all anxiously awaiting her "birth" day, but not as anxiously as her forever family: the Oertles.   Please check out their story and the adoption boutique.  Her mommy is making the most beautiful necklaces to help fund the adoption costs.  Check them out and spread the word!

Thanks, and have a great day, guys!

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