Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Slight delay....

Well, my excitement in the last post was short-lived.  :-/

Apparently, this past week has been a lesson in making sure things are clarified before believing them.  I told you all last week that AZ had approved our home study, finally, and that we were hoping to have our dossier sent off this week.

That's only half-true, we've come to find out!

Arizona DID approve us.  That part is true.   However, there was a footnote to that update, apparently, that we didn't know when our social worker told us.   I guess that it takes 3-4 weeks MORE to actually get the certified copy of the approval from the state.  Nothing can happen until we get that certified copy.  So, long story short, we're still waiting.....'s already been almost a week, so we're down to 2-3 weeks on that wait, and so we're still holding on hope to getting our dossier out in the near future.   Our original hope when starting this whole process was to have it out by May, so it looks like we might be right on target for that.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Other than that, things are relatively calm around here.  The auction is still going strong, and there are still some amazing items up for grabs.  (Follow the link at the top of the page).  

Malcolm's had some big news - go check it out

In other news, our friend Leila has created a new advocacy blog, and is posting up a storm with all kinds of information and guest writers.  Go check it out, too

And last, but definitely not least, HAPPY EASTER!   Christ is risen!

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