Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sponsor a Mile!

 We have been so incredibly grateful for the support and love you have all shown us and our Peter during this adoption journey so far.

We are about halfway there with our funding.  Coincidentally enough, the amount of money that is still needed is almost exactly the amount of miles that we will have to travel to meet Peter.  In recognition of that, we're starting a "sponsor-a-mile" option on the blog!

Can you sponsor a mile?

For $1, you can sponsor one of the 7546 miles we will have to travel to bring Peter home.   Each dollar will bring us closer and closer to traveling that mile to hug our little boy for the first time.  Just follow the "Donate" button on the right side of the blog, and make sure you specify "Sponsor-a-Mile" in the message section of the donation form.

Can you help?  

Thank you!


  1. Do we donate to the FSP or directly?

  2. Directly would be better, but either is fine!, thanks!