Thursday, April 5, 2012

Can we do it?

( many of you just shouted, "YES WE CAN!!"  in your heads when you read that post title?   Thank you, Bob the Builder!)

But the question is still there:  Can we do it?

Can we get little Malcolm's fund up to our Easter goal?   A week or so ago, there was this crazy idea to try and get Malcolm's fund up from just over $7,000 to $15,000 by Easter Sunday.   You see, the family that is adopting Malcolm just so happens to be friends with our family.  We live in the same metropolitan area.  We see them trying to find the funding - - and they need A LOT more than we do to bring their little boy home.   

So the blogging world rallied.  We saw posts all over the blogosphere, including on New Advent.  Patricia Heaton tweeted it to 73,000 followers...not once...but TWICE!  

We watched the fund jump from $7159 to $14,427......where it has stalled.   We only have a few days left before Easter.   Can we find that last $600 to get him up over the mark?!?

His forever family would be incredibly grateful.  I can promise that.   

Mike and I are so thankful for the support being showered upon us on our adoption journey.   The auction is going wonderfully right now, and I know how amazing it feels to be wrapped in this incredible compassion and love from so many people.   I want Charles and Eli to feel that same shower.   They desperately want to bring Malcolm home, and are working frantically on getting to that point.

Help us to help them.  Spread the word.   Let's get Malcolm's fund up to $15,000 by Sunday.

I know we can do this.

Thank you.

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