Saturday, April 14, 2012

Thank you all!

Thanks for giving me the best birthday present ever!

I added a little thermometer graphic to the right of the blog page, so you can all see just how much you helped.  Some of the funds came through Reece's Rainbow, some came privately through Paypal, some were handed to us in person (like the matching check).   I've tallied it all up, and put it all out there for you to see - with your help, we were able to raise about $800 for my birthday!   Words cannot say thank you enough!!

I can't stay long today, blogging.  I gave myself a day off from housework yesterday (in honour of my birthday), and, well, laundry doesn't recognize birthdays, apparently.   Who would have thought that one day of no laundry or housework would amount to as much as it did?!?!

Oh right....I have little boys who spend a good portion of their days playing outside.  Who was I trying to kid?!?!  ;-)

Thank you all again!

Go check out our auction, if you get a chance!  Today's item is an amazingly cute handmade tutu - perfect gift for the little girl in your life! 

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