Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mr Postman, look and see...

It appears that I will be singing that song for the rest of this week, at least.  :-)

Not even twenty minutes after I hit "publish" on yesterday's post,  I received an email from our home study agency stating that they had received that certification/approval letter from the state that we'd all been waiting for.  Praise the Lord!  

They say we'll have it in our hands by Thursday, which means our USCIS paperwork can go out this Friday.   From what I gather, the turnaround for getting to the next step (getting fingerprint appointment cards and whatnot) is running pretty quickly now, so I'm hoping, with any luck, we'll have that part done in the next two weeks or so.  Yay! 

Once our actual adoption agency gets their original copy of our home study info (sent out at the same time as ours, so hopefully by Thursday/Friday, as well!), they will send all of our dossier information to Peter's country, where it will wait at their in-country agency until we get approval to move to the next step (putting it in front of the government in Peter's country).  Whew!  All these little stopping-and-starting points are hard to keep straight!  By God's grace, hopefully our little boy will be home within the year!! 

Alright, I have to run - piano lessons and peach picking await us - but I wanted to update all of you so you can uncross all those fingers and toes!  :-) 

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