Thursday, May 17, 2012

A future for Presley?

Renee, a fellow blogger, has issued a challenge that I've decided to take her up on.  Over the next few weeks, she's trying to drum up some attention and funds for children off of the Reece's Rainbow website who don't yet have homes or families.  Her challenge?  Each day will be a day to celebrate one orphan, and to do that....we'll all be looking into the future and blogging about how we see this orphan's life at this time next year (assuming they are found  by a family).   It's a fun challenge, and one that will hopefully get some of these kiddos the advocacy that they deserve!

Today's child is Presley.   Meet this adorable little boy:

Here's how I see Presley's life, a year from now....


It's spring. 

The winter chill has left the air.  Birds are chirping, and the sun is shining.  An adorable 5 year old boy meanders through the spring flowers, stopping to inspect each and every one.

"Look, Mama!"  he exclaims excitedly to a woman who is breathlessly trying to keep up with him.  "Ants!!"

The little boy plops himself down onto the walkway, bringing his nose within inches of the ants.    He studies them with all the seriousness of a chemist in a laboratory, oblivious to the spring mud that he'd managed to sit in.

"Oh, Presley, you silly boy," the woman says, as she sits down next to him.  "What did you find this time?"

"Ants, Mama!" he said, obviously frustrated that she missed his explanation the first time around.  "Lots of ants!"

The woman carefully moved Presley's hat back into place -it had been leaning precariously to one side.  She studied his features carefully, smiling contentedly.   It was hard to believe that merely a year ago, they'd been bringing him home from his orphanage halfway around the world.  This little boy, the one digging through the mud in search of ants, had been so tiny and weak.   It had been a long year, one of adjustments and medical treatments for his cancer, but they were making it through.  At this moment, all Presley's mother could see was the happy and headstrong little boy in front of her.  The benefits of a year of high-quality medical care were obvious to anyone watching the scene.  

Presley's mother leaned forward, resting her hand upon his little back.    The warmth of the sun, the sound of his giggles, and the smell of the flowers all brought a single thought into her mind:

"This boy has made me the luckiest woman alive!"

Could you be Presley's mom?    Could this be your spring 2013?   Learn more about Presley here

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