Thursday, May 24, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday....

We're officially in waiting mode here, so I thought I'd have a little bit of regular fun on the blog until we get more news rolling in....Jen hosts a weekly Friday theme that a bunch of us participate in, so I thought, "Self, why not do this on our adoption blog, too?"  

So here we go!


First things first.  Lookie, lookie what went out in today's mail:

Yeppers.  Our I-800A package went out in today's mail.   Next up will be a fingerprinting appointment.  Our dossier is on its way to the agency that's in Peter's country, where it will sit until we hear back on this application, and then we'll be on to more waiting....This is an exciting step, though, and a pricey one.  Thank you to all who have helped support us financially so far - your help made me able to write the check out to Homeland Security without worry.  We are so grateful!


Everyone should click on THIS LINK and go vote for this video.   Let's help Brady Murray race for orphans with Down Syndrome!!


My thinking for the Quick Takes posts on this blog will be to kind of point out children or families that could use our support.   Here's one family who is desperately in need of support:

Keegan just turned one year old this past January, and unfortunately his orphanage is CLOSING this coming July!!  If he's not home with his forever family by then, he's facing a transfer to an adult mental institution.   Read their story, spread the word, and if possible donate.   God willing, we can keep Keegan out of that adult institution!!


I'm a sucker for the waiting children whose countries won't allow pictures publicly posted (like our Peter).    I feel that these children have a huge disadvantage that they have to overcome, just because an adoptive family cannot see their beautiful face.     Kai is one of these children.    Kai has significant medical issues, but none that are completely debilitating.   Even without seeing his picture, I know he's a beautiful child made in the image and likeness of God, our Creator.  Could he be YOUR child?   He has a significant grant already - $5600.   He's listed as being in the same country as our Peter, which means the approximate cost to bring him home is only around $15k.  Folks, he's already at a 30% funded status - that's unbelievable!   Fundraising would not be a problem when it comes to bringing this little guy home. 

Share Kai's story.  Maybe you know his forever family....maybe it's you?


Look at J.J.!  He's beautiful - and only has $13 in his grant.  We can bring that amount up, maybe even get him onto the "Moving Mountains" page at Reece's Rainbow.  His family is out there, I know his is - and he can receive amazing medical care here in the US.  Could your family be the one that he "shines" in? 


Oh my gosh, is Lene not the most adorable little girl you've ever seen?  Could she be your little princess?   Do you know someone who could be her mommy or daddy?   Lene currently has NO funds in her grant (she is very newly listed for adoption).   Let's spread the word and find this little girl her forever family!!


A little bit closer to home, and a face that you guys have seen before:  Malcolm.     A good friend of mine, Kara, is running an auction to help bring Malcolm home.  You can find it on Facebook, through this link:   Bidding Malcolm Home

There are already a TON of great items that are on the auction block, and they'll only be available for a short period of time:  9 am on June 2nd through 8 pm on June 3rd.  Make sure you go check out the items and get in on the fun for the bidding period.  All you have to do is "like" the page on Facebook, and you'll get all of the notices and announcements (like when new items are added) on your own newsfeed.  Go and check it out!  :-)

And, that's all for the first edition of 7 Quick Takes on Upon this Rock!  :-)  Have a great weekend, y'all!


  1. YAY! I'm so excited about the auction.

    I agree about the pumpkins with no photos, BUT, a lot of times RR does have the pics, they just can't post them. So if anyone is interested, they should email the sweet ladies and see if they do have pics. I know all the kiddos in EE-2 have photos, but not all of them are posted. <3


  2. I'm another RR trying to get my cute boy a forever family.