Wednesday, March 7, 2012

While we're in "waiting mode"....

We'll make a few silly faces.

Okay, not really. 

Well...we DID have a silly face contest at dinner tonight (and yes, I pulled out the camera for dinner.  I'm a dork, I'll admit it).  It was just a goofy night, after a very busy day of running around.

Adoption process-wise, things are kind of in a holding pattern.  Our end of the paperwork is done, all of the training videos/quizzes are finished, all of our home visits are finished, reports are written up...and we're just waiting for clearance from the state.  Of course, we apparently happen to live in one of the slowest states in the country for approving home studies, so it could be a bit longer.  For someone who doesn't like to wait (cough, cough, me)....this is kind of torture.

We're using the time to read lots (trying to prepare a bit for caring for a child with Down Syndrome), make connections in the adoption community here in town, and of course, raise funds.  Once the approvals go through, we'll have another round of fees to pay (yuck), so we're trying to get prepared for that.  We're going shopping this weekend for all of the food for the BBQ at the end of the month (yay for deep freezers!!), and the rosaries are up online, and are starting to sell.  Let me know if you're interested in learning any more about either fundraising opportunity.   Items for the auction in April are showing up on my doorstep, too, and let me just say....I am SO excited to kick off the auction!  We've got some amazing donations already coming in - and many more to come.  April's going to be a fun month around here!

Thanks for following along on our journey, and I'll be back soon! 

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