Monday, March 26, 2012

It's Malcolm Monday!

Remember awhile back, when I mentioned a little boy who went by the name of Malcolm?  He is about to turn five, and at that point, he will be transferred to an institution, unless he has a family. 

Well, after a flurry of information and blogging by many different people, a few families inquired about Malcolm.  One family, whom I know personally, is working as hard as they can to be able to officially commit to little Malcolm.   Home study appointments have been made, funds are starting to be raised, and paperwork is being filled out. 

But they need our help.   They have, overall, about $48K to raise to bring this little guy home.  (You can see the breakdown on their blog - follow the link above).    They've been told that they could be traveling as early as this summer for their first trip over, and so we have a very pressing deadline in front of us.  A large chunk of that money needs to be raised by this summer.

Malcolm's story has kind of hit the blogosphere, thanks in part to this amazing video:

Today, bloggers from all over the internet are spreading the word about Malcolm.   Together, we can work to get this little guy home to his family as quickly as possible.   If you can, make a donation here

These amazing bloggers have shared incredible stories, all of them relating to Malcolm and how he has touched their lives (and their own adoption stories).   Check those posts out here:

Please, help us bring this little guy home.  Let's show him (and his family) how this amazing community can rally around them!