Saturday, September 15, 2012

Slloooooowwwwllllyyyyy moving forward.....

....and no, I'm not talking about the packing!  (Although that is slow-going, too!)

We received word this week that Peter's country was going to be sending us some follow-up questions with regard to our application to adopt.   We expected that - it's few and far between when his home country doesn't send questions back to the adoptive family.    Considering we're a religious, homeschooling family with additional siblings at home, we expected to get a few questions from the government.  (Just to clarify - these aren't seen as obstacles for adopting in Peter's country, but when you look at his home culture vs American culture, these things are not the norm in his home country.   They're not "anti-homeschooling" or "anti-religion," but it's not commonplace in his home culture.   Therefore, they're going to ask more questions of us so that they can fully understand the daily life that Peter will be coming home to).  

We haven't seen the questions yet, but our social worker says they're coming.   She's not worried about them, and so neither are we.  Just one more step in the journey to bring our Peter home.   It is a good sign that we're getting questions, though - that means that they're reviewing our application and we are still moving forward.  Slowly, but surely, we'll get our little guy home!!

On a side note, have you entered our Vacationland Giveaway yet?   Things are getting fun with our scavenger hunt, but we still need more items to look for!   A donation gets you a chance to give us something fun to look for, and donating or sharing will get you a chance for one of our awesome thank-you gifts (LOBSTER!  A handmade hat!  MACBOOK!!).  Your chances for any of that are still really good - don't miss out!  

If you've already donated and haven't added an item to our list, make sure you comment on the blog and give us something to look for.   We really want to make this drive a fun one!  

Thanks, guys, and I'll keep you all updated on the scavenger hunt list AND the follow-up questions.  Let's get Peter home!

Current scavenger hunt list:

a honeybee hive
the Gateway to the West
a philly steak and cheese
Memorial Park in Oklahoma City
Amish baked goods
a kite, toy, or frisbee stuck in a tree

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  1. "More questions for those religious zealot homeschoolers!!!"