Sunday, November 9, 2014

First day of school

All of the paperwork was in....

The backpack was packed....

A very excited little boy went to bed signing "School!  School!" and woke up Friday morning signing it over and over again....

Breakfast was eaten (reluctantly, haha), and we loaded up the car after a quick photo op:

Soon, soon, I hope to be able to show you his beautiful face!!

He had a blast and did really well, according to his teachers.  We stuck around for awhile after getting him settled in the classroom (there are observation windows, so we were able to see him without him seeing us and getting distracted), and he seemed to be loving it.   Right now, he's only going to be going two days a week while we fill the other days in with therapy sessions, but I think he's going to love every second of those two days!!!   Eventually, the goal will be to increase him to every day of the week.

I'm so proud of this little guy for being so fearless and rocking his first day of school here in the US!

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