Thursday, November 14, 2013

Getting Closer!!!

Wow, we have a lot to much has happened since our last post!!

On October 3rd we learned that we were officially matched with our little man!!  We were waiting for his country to officially say he could be ours!

That started another round of paperwork, and also allowed us to learn more about our beautiful little man.  He hasn't known who we are during this whole process, but we were able to send him a photo book of our family introducing ourselves, along with other gifts to help him learn about us and Maine!! This was so exciting!!

We also were asked what his American name would be, as they wanted to help with the transition and start calling him by his new name.  That is where it gets interesting...

Apparently there is already another Peter in his foster home, and they were concerned that it would confuse them to have the same name!!  So after much debate our little man will be called Theo (Theodore - Gift from God).  He is truly a gift from God, and we are so blessed that he will be joining us soon!

We are waiting for Article 5 at the moment (which is the official US paperwork allowing him to become a member of our family).  Once we get that our wait should be about 10-12 weeks.  We are anticipating receiving that in the next week or so.

Prayers for a smooth process would be much appreciated, and we could be traveling in the end of Jan/beginning of February!!


  1. So happy for you this has been a process, but God is good all the time. So excited for your family and my prayers continue. HUG


  2. I was just thinking about you all and wondering how it was all going. Praying for a smooth process!

  3. Can't wait so you all can hole Theo in you arms!! What a blessing that is going to be!!!! God is with you all!!!!! prayers to all!!!!