Friday, November 9, 2012

Here we go! Quick Takes...Macbook version!

Guess what time it is, folks?

Time for quick takes, of course!  

Just a bit, um, enhanced.  

Here we go!

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Guess what y'all?!  We had an amazing week for donations this past week....and I can officially say that we are FULLY FUNDED!!  WOOT!

Thank you all for helping spread the word, Peter's story, donating, and just all-around supporting us so far on this journey.   Now that we have our fund completely ready...all we're waiting for is official word from Peter's country and our little boy will be coming home!


You guys know what that means!   Time for some massive giveaways!  All of our puzzle pieces are spoken for, so I'll have an updated picture of the puzzle (gotta frame it first!) soon...but before that - we have FIVE hats and a computer to giveaway!  First up is this adorable La La Loopsie hat!

And the winner is......Liz Linnell!!

 Next up is an awesome Michigan State football hat....

and the winner is.....Kara McIntee!!

  Our next hat is an awesome zebra hat...with a matching infant/baby version...

And the winner is Brother Rex!  (haha...this kind of cracks me up! - you HAVE to wear it at Journey this year!!)

  Next up is a great Angry Birds hat (two views, so you can see its awesomeness)...

The winner is......Cathy Newman!!!

   Our last hat to giveaway is a maroon and white football hat...

and it's going to.....Leila Miller!


And the moment you've all been waiting of THESE gets to go home to one of you!!

The lucky recipient of a brand new  Macbook Air is....

....drumroll please.....

Alison Oertle!!

If you see your name on here anywhere, please message me here with your address, and I'll send your item out in tomorrow's mail!   

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